Emma in Treatment in The Galton Unit

Emma’s Story

I chose to share my breast cancer story to help others, be that other cancer patients, their families or just for others to understand a little more. When you’re diagnosed this is the hardest bit, coming to terms with what you have, then telling loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues. Mixed emotions for the first …

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A Quest of Fundraising

A lot of us found we had more spare time than we are used to during Lockdown. For some, that meant finding new hobbies. But for 9-year-old Michael Sullivan, it meant finding a new passion, and fundraising from it! Starting the Quest An avid reader of the likes of Tolkien & Terry Pratchet, Michael has …

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200 Miles in March

The Bull Family have been amazing fundraisers and supporters of the Hospice, since their Mum, Chris, passed away under Hospice care in 2004. Victoria is the latest to take on some fundraising with The Friends, and this is her story. Victoria’s Story “My mum, Chris, passed in 2004 when I was 13. Her last weeks …

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