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Wow, it is incredible that we are at the start of another year already! 

This time last year we were preparing to open our second shop in Chatham. I know it’s a cliche but it truly does feel only like yesterday.

A big highlight for me last year was the opening day of our newest shop Chatham, on February 21st with a warm welcome from supporters and new.

The shop was so well received; it really gave us the feel-good factor to know that we got it to spot on.

A few stats from both our shops combined:

We Sold:

1,397 Handbags      8,730 Ladies Tops      1,392 Men’s Shirts      4,106 Toys      8,730 Books

Our shops’ wonderful volunteers gave an amazing 10,360 voluntary hours

and between both shops, we made an incredible £198,491 with an additional £11,154 coming from gift aid sales!

Thank you so much,

by John Hale-Brown, Retail Development Manager

Coming up:

Chatham’s first Bridal event, pop instore between the 25th March and 14th April, no bride should miss this one!

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