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Andy and Suzanne’s Story


Andy says, Yes, good question! Well, it seemed a good idea at the time and we like a bit of a challenge. Hopefully we will raise much needed funds for the Wisdom Hospice. It’s been many years since Mum was under the care of the Hospice and at that time I didn’t really know or understand anything about what they did. The support and care they provide not just for the patient but also for the family is second to none. As a Trustee and fundraiser I get to see the management and workings behind the scenes so to speak which makes you realise how hard both the Friends and the Hospice work to support the community.

Suzanne’s reason… In 2013 we said the hardest goodbye to my amazing dad. He spent his last days in the Hospice, although this wasn’t his original plan, but he chose to go in, towards the end, so therefore none of us really knew what to expect. If it was scary for us (myself, my sister and my mum), it really must of been terrifying for dad. But it enabled us all, especially mum who had been providing care for dad, to be with dad and allow the care to be taken over by the wonderful team of people there. They not only cared brilliantly for dad, but also ourselves which we didn’t realise how much we needed. They answered questions, they were reassuring and most importantly they were there for us all. It wasn’t an easy time, but they made it as easy as it could be and we will honestly never forget it.


We’re running (walking, crawling also permitted) from Lands End to John O’Groats – some 1050 miles. 70,000ft of elevation through England, Wales and Scotland, 6 out of 7 day’s for 5 weeks, averaging 33 miles per day. Much of the last 2 years has been spent training for this ‘adventure’ in one way or another.


We set out from Lands End on the 3rd June 2023 and if all goes to plan arrive 5 weeks later at John O’Groats on the 8th July 2023. We have scheduled rest days in Bristol (8th June), Preston (15th June), Abington (22nd June) and Fort Augustus (29th June) so if you happen to be around give us a shout.

Can you help?

We’re not famous superstars who have easy access to publicity, etc so I ask you all to help spread the word, tell your friends and your friends friends…. £1 (or £2). You can be part of this challenge just by doing that.

The Friends Team have a daily fundraising target of £2,500 a day so we can help support The Wisdom Hospice with their care of over 400 people in their own homes, the acute trust and within our 15-bed ward at The Wisdom Hospice.

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