Rochester Riverside Community Board Grant

“The Friends have received much-needed grants totalling £7,500 from The Rochester Riverside Community Board. Who have been supporting local community projects in Rochester. 

Earlier in the year, we received a grant of £2,500 from the Countryside Communities Fund. Which oversees funding for community projects across Rochester in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then we gratefully received a £5,000 grant from the Rochester Riverside Community Board.

The Rochester Riverside Community Board was to set up to ensure the benefits of Rochester Riverside, Countryside and Hyde’s regenerations scheme in Medway, are felt across the area. Bringing to life worthwhile initiatives and ideas that enhance the local community.

Andrew Usher, MD Partnerships South London, Countryside commented “ The challenges of this year have made this funding particularly important, and we are so proud to support The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice which will improve community cohesion and quality of life for those in need across the area”

We are so grateful to you for your fantastic support THANK YOU”

“Countryside, the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer, has donated over £8,000 from the Countryside Communities Fund to five local charities across Rochester, the location of the Rochester Riverside regeneration scheme that it is delivering in partnership with Hyde. 10,000 masks have also been donated to Medway Hospital, which equated to an additional £8,000.”

What can I do to help?

If you can, please support us, your donation could help us fund;

£10.00 – Could help fund a book and craft activity to use during a child’s listening support session who has a parent under Hospice Care

£25.00 – Could help fund an hour of care delivered by one of the hospice specialist palliative care nurses

£50.00 – Could help fund a counselling session for a patient or their loved one supporting them through a challenging time

£75.00 – Could help fund a home visit with a specialist nurse, physiotherapist or paramedic

£100.00 – Could help fund a lockbox to keep a syringe driver safe and secure when it is being used by a patient

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