Go Karting 2020

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    I accept that I am taking part in the Go-Kart Endurance Challenge at my own risk and The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice shall not be liable for any injury or loss that might occur, as a result of my participation, unless caused by their negligence. I confirm that I will seek medical advice if I have any doubts about my ability to take part. I consent to the use of my image in any media coverage of the Go-Kart Endurance Challenge and for any future promotion or media from The Friends. I understand that any entry fees and sponsorship are non-refundable and any sponsorship I will raise will be for The Wisdom Hospice. By signing up to take part in this event you are consenting for us to contact you about this event via mailing and any other information or news regarding our events and The Friends of the Wisdom Hospice
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Hello, Issue 31!

New Year, New Issue! What a year! And now from an end, we are on to the next beginning. Welcome to 2020! We are packing this year full of fundraising, and we want you to get involved with it too. Big or small, this is your opportunity to get on board and join in, whether …

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