Words of Wisdom Newsletter – Issue 32

Coming to you from our ‘New Normal’

Welcome our Newsletter! This is Issue 32.

As we can’t be with you in person, for now, we’ll be here virtually, in spirit.
With a lot of changes to our regular events in the calendar, our Newsletter is packed full of changes and newness! New ways of connecting, new ways of fundraising and learning new things! We’ve all had to get more in touch with our tech so that we can stay in touch with our friends, family and colleagues. I think by now we’ve all been on at least one Zoom call! Am I right?

Meanwhile, the team here have been busy working away, from home, to stay in touch and respond to the overwhelming support you have all shown us during these last few months of Lockdown. There aren’t enough pages in a newsletter to ever say thank you enough, but for all the ways and ideas you have had to support our hard-working frontline staff; your care packages for our patients, your donations, your at-home fundraising as well as online. With all the new things you have had to adapt to already and you haven’t forgotten us.

So, to sum it up. Thank you!

Have a read and see what everyone has been up to and what we still have to come! Find out the new ways to be involved and just how much difference your support can make.

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The Friends Team have a daily fundraising target of £2,500 a day so we can help support The Wisdom Hospice with their care of over 400 people in their own homes, the acute trust and within our 15-bed ward at The Wisdom Hospice.

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