Debbie’s Story…

Debbie’s Dad Fredrick Roy Peter Utteridge

My father passed away in February 2007, after a year long battle with cancer, he is still sorely missed in our family.  

Prior to his passing he spent a few weeks attending the day centre at The Wisdom Hospice, Rochester, Kent, he was then taken into the care of the dedicated team on the ward, where he spent his last couple of days on this earth. 

My mother, brother and myself were always made welcome on our visits and we could see the commitment the team had to ensuring every patient, and their loved ones, felt secure in the knowledge that the very best care was in place, to ensure a peaceful passing.

Debbie Payne

The Yearly Lights for Love, in Rochester Cathedral, has given me the opportunity to ensure my dad is remembered to this day and I can offer a helping hand, from a distance, with a donation to ensure the hospice is able to keep running. 

Well done to the fund raising team and all of their colleagues who keep the hospice running, especially after the last 2 difficult years.

Debbie Payne

Bournemouth, Dorset

In memory of Fredrick Roy Peter Utteridge

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