Hospice Care Week 2018

Hospice care is much more than looking after people at the end of life. We are more than just a place where people go to die. The Wisdom Hospice is a place where people come to live life to the full, where they can be with their families and friends, where they can talk about their hopes and fears, where they can laugh and cry.

We are so proud to be your local hospice. This week, we want as many people as possible to shout ‘I Heart My Hospice’!

Throughout last week we asked our patients, volunteers and staff why they ‘heart’ their hospice, following our posts on Facebook this week as we will tell you what they said. We would like to invite you, our community, to also post why you ‘heart your hospice…?’

If you would like to know more about your local hospice please do get in touch. We are happy to come and talk to companies, schools in fact if you are involved in any social club or group and you would like to know please do get in touch with either Martyn or Emma in The Friends office on 01634 831163. Find out how you can represent The Wisdom Hospice in your community!

Please feel free to print the I ‘Heart’ My Hospice sign above from here or from our Facebook page. We can also email it to you if preferred.

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