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We are excited to have again been chosen by Medway Council as the Charity of the Year for The Medway 10k.
Have you got the kind of energy that makes people want to run faster? Think you could be up to the task of cheering on the runners for the Medway 10k? Helping marshal them on their route from set points. We also help hand out the medals at the finish line and the very important job of keeping the snack and drinks station in supply!

Details for the day are listed below but if you have any questions at all please do let us know.

Date:                                  2023 date to be confirmed

Venue:                               2023 venue to be confirmed

Meeting Time:                  8am – for signing in and collecting a tabard.

Race Start Time:               9am

Official Finish Time:         12noon

Runners should only take approximately 1½ hours but obviously this can vary – There will be an official sweeper marshal at the end who will tell you when you can stand down. Please remember to sign back in otherwise we will be looking for you all day!!!


There is free parking at Medway Park. When you park please go to reception and ask for a parking refund. If you have any problems do see us on the day. Some marshals will find it easier to drive closer to their positions. We will have a couple of signs you can put in your cars to show you are a race marshal, but please do not park illegally. Please just ask if you’d like a sign.


The Friends purple tabards (which we will loan you) or t-shirts if you have one. Also whatever else is appropriate to the weather on the day. Please remember hats and sun cream as most years it has been very hot!


Please make sure you bring water and/or snacks for yourselves on the day as none are provided. We know in the past some water has been handed out but at present we're not sure if this will be happening again until the day.

Further Information

If you know of anyone else who would like to be a volunteer marshal please make sure you provide us with their full contact details. Including a mobile number and email address and we will happily get in touch.

We will be stationed at different points around the route which The Friends will have allocated to you. Things can change right up until the morning, due to sickness, weather etc. so be prepared to change position.

If you would like to join our Medway 10k Cheering Squad please click the 'I'd like to Volunteer' button below!

"The Medway 10k is a great way to support our local Hospice, support the community and get outdoors with friends. It's a win, win for me."

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