Volunteer with The Friends

You make the Difference

The Friends rely on the support of over 500 volunteers, who have pledged their time to help support the Wisdom Hospice. They come equipped with a can-do attitude and a helping pair of hands, and they are the magic ingredient behind our successful fundraising.

Why volunteer with us?

There are so many reasons that people volunteer with The Friends. They may have a personal connection to the Hospice, but not feel able to volunteer in a patient-facing capacity. Or they just want to give something back and our fundraising helps them do that.

It's a way to connect with the local community and to make new friendships all the time developing your skills and abilities.

For most; it's a little bit of everything, and usually a lot of fun!

Whatever your reason for considering volunteering, your support will be invaluable to us.

By volunteering with us you will:

Help make a difference to patients and families facing a life-limiting illness

Contribute to the future of your local hospices' care

Become a valued member of our wider hospice community

Have opportunities to learn new skills and develop existing ones

Have the flexibility to give time that suits your lifestyle and commitments 

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