Creativity in the Hospice

The Wisdom Hospice offers a high-quality counselling service for people affected by serious illness and bereavement.

Counselling in palliative care is flexible in its approach and is led by the needs and requirements of individuals and family members. We call this approach ‘holistic, person centred care’

Counselling offers an opportunity to talk about and process feelings and experiences and offers a therapeutic relationship in a safe and secure environment. This can be in the Hospice or at a patient or family member’s home.

One example of this is to offer the ‘creative arts’ as a way of working. We may use a variety of mediums, including paint and sand trays. Some examples of this are in the pictures below.

Working creatively provides a helpful language for people who have difficulty articulating themselves in words and assists individuals to express themselves at what is often a difficult time. It can help make sense of a situation that can seem senseless and supports individual’s engagement with situations and sometimes difficult emotions.

We recognise that loss and grief can mean different things for people, for example; work, way of life, future plans.

We offer a bereavement counselling service to friends and family members of any patient who has received Wisdom Hospice care and support

If you would like to receive counselling support, or would like further information, please contact the Hospice on 01634 830456 or

Caroline J. Young Specialist Palliative Care Counsellor

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