Creative Ways of Fundraising!

Today is #NationalCreativityDay and one of our creative supporters Craig Worcester has been writing for the creative writing site Pen48 that his company has developed. Instead of making money, they ask for donations for the stories and poems submitted, which go straight to the authors chosen charity.

Craig has been a long term supporter since his Brother and Father received care by The Wisdom Hospice. During Lockdown, he’s found that he likes writing poetry, he says, “In these times of isolation, it’s difficult to have a party or a bake sale to raise money for your essential charities. We realised we could use our passion for creative writing and ask people to donate and do something we enjoyed at the same time. Better still it could continue beyond a single event.

We created Pen48 as a social space where aspiring and established writers could share their amazing work with others and gain valuable support and feedback from their readers and peers. Authors are encouraged to create #JustGiving pages to support their favourite charities. Our hope is that friends, family and total strangers want to donate. After all, your charity may well be one they love too.”

Have a read, or sign up & submit your own, it’s free! Don’t forget to set up a #JustGiving page to help support us. If you like Craig’s writing, support his #JustGiving page below!

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