Celebrating Volunteers Week – 1st – 7th June 2023

John’s story

Why I volunteer

It is something I have always done even when I was in full time work, someone was needed to fill a hole and help others, so I did. It made me feel good.

When I retired, I kept busy with travelling as I had always wanted to, but by the time Covid arrived, I was locked down and volunteers were no longer wanted, I found myself sitting watching television on my own, lapping up the bad news daily and talking to people on the phone, loads of thinking time and little to do.

Volunteering had always been very satisfying, meeting new people, learning new things, being useful, getting out but mainly helping people in need of it. Making their life simpler and solving their problems, be it delivering medicines, talking about their lives, giving them lifts. Mainly it makes me feel good, selfish maybe but satisfying definitely.

Why the Hospice?

Everyday of my life was a Sunday. I decided I wanted something that was regular, put some time-scale to my life again. Now I know when it is Tuesday, Hospice day. Helping people, meeting people, hopefully being a help to people. After nine years of retirement it is nice to get back to a little bit of routine and learning something new.

Thanks to everyone at the Hospice for making me feel part of a team again even it is only a tiny part.

Diane’s Story

My name is Diane, I am a 72 year old retired Finance Underwriter and Grammar School Economic Class cover Teacher having spent forty years working in the world of banking and travelling around the UK assessing businesses for funding loans. A very far removed life indeed from that of my current role as a Hospice Volunteer!

11 years ago I was privileged to be able to join the volunteer team at the Wisdom Hospice. I had no previous experience of working in this type of environment but I had certainly been witness to the wonderful care the hospice teams provide to both patients and their friends and families. My dear Sister was taken into hospice care at the end of her life. The weeks of witnessing the teams of medics, support teams and volunteers changed my life and I decided that whatever path my own life took, I would, in some way help to support the work of my local hospice. Fortunately the Wisdom Hospice was local to my home and it was without hesitation that, as soon as I retired from work, my involvement at the hospice began.

I have been fortunate in being able to contribute in many different areas of the day to day activities within the hospice, from patient and family liaison assistant, reception and telephone work, kitchen assistant, art and craft group helper, gym assistant and many other roles and activities including making lots of tea!

Whilst volunteering at the hospice I experienced, on many occasions, moments that I will treasure and in particular the times involving patients, their families and of course times with the staff at the hospice. I have been privileged to witness some remarkable moments when patient’s pets are allowed to visit those in our care, in the past this has ranged from pet cats and dogs to small ponies! The joy these visits bring to those who are suffering is beyond words. Children and babies are of course very welcome visitors especially to those who are able to engage with the young ones.

I have lost count of the number of times that members of families have made such very special efforts to thank all the staff and volunteers for the care and comfort that had been given to their loved ones. It is times like this that I know I made the right decision to join the team of volunteers and now my time spent at the hospice is very special to me and an important and precious time of my own life.

The staff are grateful for the help given by the volunteers. I would suggest to anyone who is considering joining the volunteer group at the hospice to apply!! There are so many different areas of assistance required for both lades and gentlemen and training and role shadowing is always provided in order to ensure that the new volunteer is comfortable in the environment and the role they have chosen.

Please join us! The time spent assisting will become as important to you as they are to the patients and staff you are helping.

If you would like to volunteer for the Wisdom Hospice, we currently have the following volunteer opportunities available:

Visitor Support: Friday afternoon 2.15pm – 6pm

Visitor Support: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings 6pm – 8pm

Kitchen Support: Tuesday and Sunday 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Please click the button above to submit your volunteer application form.

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