Care on our ward

The Wisdom Hospice Inpatient Unit has 15 beds, consisting of three side rooms and 3 bays of 4 beds.  Many people who are admitted to the Unit will return home after a period of medical, nursing and therapeutic input.  Other people on the unit are very ill and have chosen to spend the last few weeks of their life at the Wisdom Hospice.

Medway Community Healthcare help our patients by providing the highest quality specialist palliative care, through

- Symptom control – helping patients manage the symptoms of their illness such as sickness, breathlessness, weight loss, anxiety and pain through adjusting medications and trying other interventions.

- Rehabilitation – helping patients overcome their limitations in order to move, communicate and live more freely with some quality.

- End of Life – caring for patients who are at the end of their life.

During your stay, you and your family and friends will get to know our team of professionals and volunteers who can assist with a variety of needs from practical, emotional or just a friendly chat.   This may include nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists or members of our Family Carers Support Team.


Medway Community Healthcare

The hospice is run by Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) who provide a wide range of high quality community health services on behalf of the NHS. Find out more on their website:

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