Care in your home

When you are referred to the hospice, Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) will call you to arrange a visit.  During your first visit, we will find out your goals and what is important to you.  MCH will review your medications, discuss any symptoms you may be having, talk to your family, friends and carers if they’re around, and make a plan for your care with you.  MCH will also help coordinate all other services involved in your care by talking to your doctor, district nurses, and other professionals who look after you.

Depending on your needs and wishes, MCH can offer a range of additional support in your home such as equipment and rehabilitation to keep you mobile and assist you at home, as well as emotional support and counselling for you and/or your family and friends, or practical advice on money, benefits, or legal issues.

If you feel well enough, you can also come to the hospice in Rochester to see anyone from our team through a one-to-one appointment or you can join one of our classes which enable you to get to know other people who are in a similar position to you.  MCH can offer transport to help you get to the hospice.


Medway Community Healthcare

The hospice is run by Medway Community Healthcare (MCH) who provide a wide range of high quality community health services on behalf of the NHS. Find out more on their website:

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