Cancer-oke – Fundraising at full volume!

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We get so many off the wall fundraising ideas pitched to us, but Wendy Stepney’s has to be unique. Wendy and her group of beautiful friends got together at Bridgewood Manor, along with Wendy’s filmmaking daughter Carla, to film their Cancer-oke.

This is the concept, much like the Marry-oke music videos, where you sing along to your chosen song. But in this instance, Wendy has come through the loss of her husband to cancer. Wendy’s husband and Carla’s father, Brian, died peacefully at home two years ago. Thanks to the loving care of his family and support from The Hospice’s community team.

Now it’s time to give something back

It’s taken Wendy a long time to come to terms with her loss. However, she feels that now the time is right, and she wants to give something back and say thank you to The Hospice that so lovingly cared for her and her Brian. “In my life, there has to be a balance it’s taken me two years to get to this place, but its only right that I give something back,” says Wendy. “The Hospice helped enable Brian’s wish to stay at home with his family, something that wouldn’t have been possible without their help. Right up until the end, and after the end, we were never alone”.

The decision of a Cancer-oke was to kick start her fundraising and to do something fun to celebrate life after loss, coming through this dark journey to find herself again. Wendy said,“…it took a long time for me to even wear makeup again, to make myself look beautiful” This is a sentiment that may resonate with many others who have been through the same loss of a loved one. Finding joy and beauty in the world and enjoying the good stuff without them may seem unthinkable. Wendy and her lovely ladies have made their own music video lip-syncing to One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. With help from her daughter, who filmed it (whilst pregnant with twins) and the full support of Bridgewood Manor alongside The Friends, with the hope that it will encourage supporters to donate to The Hospice that Wendy and her family owe so much to.

Their Cancer-oke fundraising is in full Sing!

Bridgewood Manor served as their film set, with spa locations and glamorous bar setting. Wendy and her Girl Squad singing along whilst getting their glam on ready to hit the bar. With the styling help of The Friend’s very own hairstylist Vanessa! They chose the song, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ to remind families that there is a light at the end of that tunnel. And that grief is a journey and not a final destination.  We are excited to premiere their film and kick start Wendy’s fundraising!

There are many more ideas in the works! Check out our website to see Wendy’s Poem. If they’re all as great as this one, she’ll be off to a smashing start! 

Wendy has also been a key player in bringing leading Queen Tribute band Mercury to Medway at Mid Kent College on the 8th of October.

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