Cancer-oke to Poetry

Wendy’s turned her hand to poetry to help promote her Cancer-oke

Wendy Stepney has kick-started her fundraising off on the right note with her Cancer-oke video. And in addition to that, whilst she has the time in between sewing masks, she has gone from Cancer-oke to poetry as well. Please take your time to give it a read and you can continue to support her fundraising by watching and sharing the video below, or this poem and donating on her JustGiving page.

There is a place that you may know, 
somewhere you wouldn’t choose to go.
It sits high up on a hill,
It’s where we go when we are gravely ill.  

It really isn’t far away,
it serves the folk
That live in Medway.
15 beds await inside, 
Along with outstretched arms to, be by your side.

It’s sat there now for many years, 
It comforts souls and wipes away tears.
I think they are all angels inside,
they do their job with so much pride.
There’s nurses and doctors and volunteers too,
not forgetting the invisible crew!  
The team that work away raising funds every day…  
Where would we be? I do not know. 
This isn’t a place I’d choose to go.

My darling husband became a very poorly man,
He stayed at home while I’d do all I can.
This place that sits high on a hill 
They came to us at home, while he was ill. 
Without them, we wouldn’t have got through the darkest days we ever knew. 
When days and night rolled into one,
Where was the sunshine where was the fun?  
The doorbell would ring and there they would stand,
A smiling face a helping hand.
They stood by our side, right up to the end,
Our hearts so broken, they’d never mend.

We are three years on as I write this note
“The tables have turned “ I have to quote!  

Now it seems the place on the hill needs a little help from us
 All because of the COVID virus.
Hold on a minute,
There’s something a miss. 
I haven’t told you the name,
Of the special Hospice. 

Click Here to Watch the Cancer-oke Video

Wendy lost her husband, Brian, due to cancer two years ago. The Wisdom Hospice helped with his care and allowed him to remain at home where he was comfortable. Now, Wendy feels she is in a place to give back to The Hospice who supported her and her family through their darkest time.

Above all, her Cancer-oke video is a way to help promote her fundraising efforts. To do something fun to show that there can once again be life after loss.

The Molly Wisdom Hospice, 
Is it’s proper name. 
When we go there, they help to elevate our pain. 
So please may I ask you, even if you haven’t been there,  
To give some money for the place where people care.  

None of us knows what lies ahead, 
As maybe one day, you or I may need a bed.  

By Wendy Stepney 

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